The Grits (Girls Raised In The South) Guide to Life (with Deborah Ford)

New York Times Bestseller, #11 (2003)

I was originally the agent for Deborah Ford, the founder of GRITS (Girls Raised in the South), a company that made clothing and other Southern-themed products, including a successful self-published book of GRITS sayings. But when her hired writer failed to deliver, I stepped in for an uncredited assist. We had to write 150 pages in four days to make the first deadline, but Deborah and I had been discussing her ideas for months, so I knew what needed to be done. The next three months, as Deborah and I worked together to complete the book, were much less stressful.

The GRITS Guide to Life is a collection of the advice, sayings, trivia and down-home stories Deborah had been collecting for years. The fact that it sold so well–all the way to the bestseller lists–taught me how valuable it is to partner with a smart expert who knows her subject and is dedicated to promotion. In many ways, it has been the model for the rest of my career. Thanks Deborah!

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Funny, wise, charming and smart…Grits deserves a place on your shelf between Gone with the Wind and the Memphis Junior League cookbook.

Fannie Flagg

The Grits Guide to Life is a chance for all Girls Raised in the South to revel in their wonderfulness–and a fine attempt at explaining us to everyone else.

Jill Conner Brown, author of The Sweet Potato Queens’ Book of Love
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