Santa Claus is for Real (with Charles Edward Hall)

Santa Claus is for Real: A True Christmas Fable about the Magic of Believing
(with Charles Edward Hall)

As a child, Charles Hall believed in Santa Claus. He even saw Santa, one Christmas Eve outside his window. But by the time he moved to New York to become an actor, Charles had lost his Christmas spirit. Even when he was cast in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, he didn’t want to be Santa. He wanted to be Scrooge.

But then fate intervened, in the form of good friends, a stage malfunction, hundreds of letters from children and, yes, even a visit from Saint Nick himself. With the fat man staying in his apartment, eating his cookies and watching football on his television, Charles couldn’t help but learn the most important lesson of all: not is Santa real, he is yours to share.

It’s been twenty-seven years now since Charles Edward Hall joined the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. He has been Santa for more than 26 million people, and hundreds of thousands of children. But he has never forgotten what Santa taught him that first year: the magic isn’t that Santa visited every child on Christmas morning. The magic is that he visits you.

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