Dewey: There’s a Cat in the Library (with Vicki Myron)

Dewey: There’s a Cat in the Library
(with Vicki Myron)
New York Times Bestseller, #2 (2010)

This shortened, middle grade version of the original adult book focuses on Dewey’s lovable antics, and the valuable lessons he learns (and teaches others) along the way. A perfect story for children just beginning to experience the joys of reading by themselves, or who prefer to have chapter books read to them. I can speak from experience on this one: my daughter is 10, and she and her friends love this book.

For children, ages 2-7.

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Wonderful and inspiring.

Chicago Sun-Times

This beguiling, poignant, and tender tale…is an unforgettable study in the mysterious and wondrous ways animals, and libraries, enrich humanity.

Booklist (starred review)

It’s purr-fect.

New York Daily News
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